With his family life in ruins, a struggling enforcer is given one last chance to get the job done right.

William | Tim McCarthy
Boss | Peter Higginson
Gina | Jessica Salgueiro
Driver | David Vena

Writer/Director | Marcos Fantu
Producers | Marcos Fantu & Christian Bielz
Cinematography/Camera | Christian Bielz
Editor | Marcos Fantu
Casting Director | Ashley Bowes
Steadicam | David Cain
Sound Mixing/Boom | Jeff Reyes
Sound Editor | Andrea Cyr
Gaffer | Patrick Kelly

Music by Gonjasifu, "Sheep", "I've Given"
from the album "A Sifu & a Killer" (2010)
©2010 Warp Records

A homage to the classic film 'Pulp Fiction', by Quentin Tarantino.

Director | Marcos Fantu

Assistant Director | Redrick Barbaza

Actress | Katie Bishop

Styling | Jay Isip

MUA | Meaghan Mroczek-Porato 

Music: Teddy Fantum - 'Fade'